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Our mission is to provide one of a kind service and promote confidence and self-worth. 

All our specialists share one common goal: to pay close attention to the little details of every service. We pledge to maintain the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness within our facility, exceed your expectations, and keep you coming back for more!


Rafaella Gomes
Lygia Guimarães

In the beauty area for 10 years they know exactly how to make you look and feel more confident and beautiful ! Specialized in brows and lips graduated in Brazil bringing the newest procedures with the highest quality that you deserve.

Masters at the art of  Nanoblading brows, Ombré and Combo brows, as well as stunning lip blush enhancements. Lygia and Rafaella understand the importance of a customized treatment and are constantly inspired to find their clients perfect fit.

Naturality is our goal , enhance your beauty without changing who you are.

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You deserve better than a common look, you deserve to look Sublime.

*You will need a valid credit card on file to book your time in our calendar. We don't charge your card unless you fail to turn up to your appointment or provide 48 hours notice of cancellation. (Studio Etiquette)*

Eyebrow Enhancement

Experience our custom-designed brows with our precise styling service. Choose tint or henna for a flawless finish. Includes waxing/tweezing for a immaculate shaping.

Achieve your perfect look today.


Lip wax or threading

Effortlessly manage lip hair with our professional lip waxing/threading service. Whether it’s excessive or minimal, we provide precise hair removal for smooth, beautiful lips.


Brow Lamination

Enhance your brows with our signature Brow Lamination service. By setting the brows in a brushed-up position, we create a thicker, fluffier appearance that lasts between 6-8 weeks.

This comprehensive treatment includes waxing for precise shaping, tinting for added definition, and our specialized brow lamination technique for a stunning, long-lasting result.


Lash Lifting

Discover the ultimate enhancement for your lashes with our lash lifting and tinting service. Similar to a perm for your lashes, this treatment delivers the perfect curl, opening up your eyes and boosting your confidence without the need for daily makeup.

Lasting for weeks, our lash lift with tint saves you time and effort, eliminating the need for mascara. Embrace your own natural lashes with ease, knowing they’re effortlessly beautiful and low maintenance.


Hydra Lips

Our four-step Hydra Lips treatment offers deep hydration and regeneration using dermapen technology. 

It cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates with a blend of actives, including hyaluronic acid, and finishes with a collagen mask.

Experience immediate, painless, and risk-free results, leaving your lips rejuvenated and intensely hydrated.

Ideal for anyone seeking vitality, hydration, and a healthier-looking smile.


Nanoblading Tattoo Brows

It’s a subtle technique tailored to your unique features. Using precise measurements, we create the perfect shape and draw hair strokes that seamlessly blend with your natural brows, filling in any gaps flawlessly.

Ideal for thin brows with minimal gaps, Nanoblading delivers natural-looking results that last. A review appointment between 4-8 weeks after the first session is available for a minimal fee, ensuring your satisfaction and the perfect final result.

Enjoy long-lasting beauty with results lasting up to 8 to 18 months, depending on your skin type and daily routine.


Soft Ombre Tatto Brows

You can achieve stunning volume and definition with our Ombre Tattoo Brows technique. Perfect for those seeking practicality in their morning routine, this natural-looking method features a shading effect, lighter at the front and more defined towards the ends.

Ideal for individuals with uneven or sparse brows, Ombre Tattoo Brows provide long-lasting results. While a review appointment between 4-8 weeks after the first session is essential for optimal results, please note that a minimal fee applies for this service.

Enjoy beautifully enhanced brows that last up to 8 to 18 months.


Combo Tattoo Brows

Experience the perfect blend of Nanoblading and Shadow techniques with our Combo Tattoo Brows. This innovative approach combines the natural hair strokes of Nanoblading at the beginning of the brows with the definition and volume of Ombre shading from the middle to the end.

Ideal for achieving a balanced and stunning brow look, Combo Tattoo Brows offer long-lasting results. While a review appointment between 4-8 weeks after the first session is crucial for optimal results, please note that a minimal fee applies for this service.

Enjoy beautifully enhanced brows that can last up to 8 to 18 months, providing effortless beauty day after day.


Lip Blush/Neutralizer

Transform your lips with our Lip Blush/Neutralizer treatment – the ultimate lip tattooing solution! Achieve natural, luscious color for a confident look that lasts up to 2 to 3 years.

While a review appointment between 4-8 weeks is crucial for perfect results, a minimal fee applies.

 Ensure your lips are hydrated before the procedure. Experience the life-changing difference today!


Soft Liner - Eye Tattoo

Discover the ultimate in natural beauty with our Soft Liner – Eye Tattoo. 

This technique subtly enhances the bottom of your lashes, bringing volume to the area in a beautifully natural way.


Touch Up

Keep your tattoo shape, definition, and color fresh with our annual touch-up service.

Typically recommended between 6-12 months, this session rejuvenates your look and ensures lasting beauty. 

*Pre-consultation required.

Starting from $400

Personalized Consultation

Embark on your tattooing journey with confidence through our personalized consultation. Get all your questions answered, have your face measured, and collaborate on designing the perfect shape for you. Together, we’ll select the technique that best suits your needs. Plus, enjoy a complimentary brow enhancement session including waxing and tinting.


Boost Brows Treatment

Unlock the secret to stronger, healthier brows with Boost Brows. 

Our innovative treatment repairs and revitalizes, stimulating follicles for thicker, more beautiful brows. 

Say goodbye to sparse areas and hello to fuller, more vibrant brows with Boost Brows.

$85 each session

Laser Removal

Our laser tattoo removal service offers a personalized approach tailored to each individual case, whether it’s removing body tattoos or cosmetic tattoos. Utilizing cutting-edge laser technology, we effectively target and fade all types of tattoos, restoring your skin to its original state.

Please note that the number of sessions required depends on various factors such as tattoo size, ink color, and skin type. 

Our expert technicians will assess your unique situation and develop a customized treatment plan to achieve optimal results.

- $150 each session Eyebrow tattoo removal;

- From $100 each session of body tattoo removal;

Hollywood Skin - Carbon peel

Experience the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment with our Hollywood Carbon Peel. This innovative procedure utilizes medical-grade carbon and laser technology to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and renew your skin.

The Hollywood Skin effectively targets various skin concerns including acne, uneven texture, and pigmentation issues. By stimulating collagen production, it also helps to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

$150 each session


Unlock the latest techniques and industry secrets for stunning results with our highly qualified professionals boasting over 10 years of beauty industry expertise.

Choose from our comprehensive training options:

– Brow Enhancement;

– Soft Ombre Brows Tattoo

– Nanoblading Tattoo

– Lip Blush Tattoo


For more information, contact us via email.”



Whether it’s weddings, events, photoshoots, or any special occasion, our team of skilled makeup artists is dedicated to ensuring you feel stunning. We specialize in enhancing your natural beauty and boosting your confidence, regardless of the event.

With over 10 years of combined experience in the industry, our professional team possesses the expertise and skills you can trust. Count on us to deliver exceptional makeup artistry for your special day.

From $120
We believe that beauty is as unique as fingerprints. That’s why our trained specialists work to create a totally unique look for you - not a stencil in sight. Whether you wish we’ve got a treatment solution for you.
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